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Palmer Cosmetic Surgery to expand its liposuction services after increasing demand in and around the city of Miami

Miami, FL 20th November, 2017 - Palmer Cosmetic Surgery has announced that it will begin the expansion of its liposuction services in a bid to meet increased demand in and around the city of Miami. A statement by the company confirmed that many more people are relying on Dr. Palmer and the team to get liposuction surgery done and as such, the clinic will make sure that they are served.

Palmer Cosmetic Surgery has been one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in Miami. Although it offers a wide array of procedures, Liposuction has been among the most popular ones. Liposuction is basically a procedure that involves the removal of fat from various parts of the body through a process called suction.

Dr. Palmer explains that liposuction has often been used to get rid of stubborn fat that won't go away even after exercise and diet. The procedure may also involve the transfer of unwanted fat to areas where it's needed. For example, the plastic surgeon may transfer fat from the stomach and abdominal area and use it to enlarge others features of the patients body.

According to Dr. Palmer, results that come as a result of liposuction are often natural and although the procedure may require a longer recovery period, it has often been preferred by many people due to the quality long term results. The surgeon who also offers facelift services says that the clinic is ready to serve anyone.

Palmer Cosmetic Surgery has also reminded potential patients that it has developed the capacity over the years to deliver many popular plastic surgeries including rhinoplasty. Quality and safety has always been a big priority for Dr. Palmer too. You can visit for details about the clinic.

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